Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Importance of Wildlife Art in Conservation.

There are many ways to do conservation activities. Some activities provide direct help to the wildlife, like services of Veterinary Doctor, Biologist, naturalist etc. and some activities provide indirect help to save the wildlife and nature like different Wildlife awareness programmes, donations, eco-tourism etc. Wildlife Art is also one such approach to save nature.

I consider Wildlife Art is a way to show reverence for the nature by spreading the message of wildlife conservation as well as by donating some portion of the funds to use in protecting wildlife and nature. The wildlife art is the only art form, that directly put emphasis to show different aspects & issues concerning wildlife and nature.

There are many techniques and programmes, which used in spreading the message of wildlife conservation. Majority awareness programmes includes speech, photo-slides, wildlife movies, and sometimes live show of wild animals to provide the information about wildlife conservation. All these are wonderful way of spreading the message of wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Art, The only ancient art form which is still survive and revitalize. Human had started to live with the nature. Our ancestor knew the importance of our wildlife and nature. They’ve tried to understand the wildlife and that’s why they decorated their cave shelters with the paintings of wildlife in the form of lines and shadows.

Wildlife Art not only enlighten different conservation issues but also represents diverse aspects of nature like climate, season, plants, environment, animal behaviour, expressions, moods, actions etc. All these aspects are very important to make someone feel oneself as part of the nature and when this done person definitely comes forward to save the nature. Wildlife Art has an ability to motivate everyone for wildlife conservation. As every Wildlife Artist forever works for wildlife awareness, I firmly believe Wildlife Art can be a most successful way of wildlife awareness.

I’m very sure that everyone loves wildlife art because of its composition and presentation style. Wildlife Artists always work hard to present the nature in its full glory as well as to show different conservation issues in their every work and try to convince the people to come forward for wildlife conservation activities.

‘Marwell International Wildlife Art Society’ is the Europe’s largest group of wildlife artists which actively working for supporting different conservation activities of ‘Marwell Zoological Park, UK.

‘Ranthambhor School of Art’ is another good example, situated near very famous Tiger Reserve in India, where local wildlife artists are working for conservation of Ranthambhor NP. This art school is supported by renowned 'David Shepherd Foundation'.

‘Artist for Conservation’ and ‘Society of Animal Artists’ is also well known groups of wildlife artists, which are actively working for wildlife conservation & art education.

So please support & appreciate all the wildlife artists for their hard work for a good cause.

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