Sunday, November 2, 2014

Childhood : Precious Innocence & Full of Freedom

Being an Urban dweller; we feel during recent years life becomes very fast and rigid in many terms. Its adverse effects are largely visible on kids!

Childhood looks similar to plasticity of clay from which we can mould the child in our perspective. We don't give freedom to our children to flourish and blooming like beautiful flowers. Their innocence is lost somewhere in the race to achieve goals of their parents and being on top in academic among their classmates. Competition is prevailing on every path they choose to move ahead. This is shame!

The Time is really not very good for the children and their childhood. We reached in 21st century with new technology and ease of life but it looks children are living in a fake world of video games, useless chatting on mobile phones and  pressure of competition. They spend hours indoors around their imaginative world.

Why parents do not inspire their children to spend creative time outdoor? Many of our traditional outdoor games are lost during past 20 years. Now I hardly saw urban children playing in garden or being dirty in soil. With each day they are being apart from nature.

But during my field visit to country sides I still feel the power of innocence and freedom in the eyes of rural children. They are so very active and keep smiling in every situation. At that moment my heart feel contented with inner pleasure and peace.

Innocent Smile :)
They climb trees tops, jumps here and there on soil, running on the grass and flying with birds and taking care of their cattle and enjoying lovely time with nature and wildlife. They don't feel stressful about competitive world out there.

Children enjoying Nature
Childhood is for Children. They have right to live their childhood with innocence and freedom. Don't make it complex. Don't infuse stress and worries in their life. It's a time for parents to think and need to change the primary education system too. It looks unrealistic and stressful on child's little heart and mind.

Children taking care of their cattle

Little wonders on bullock cart
Let them help to learn everything at their own pace and with peaceful and playful atmosphere. There should be no fear of any kind in the mind of children.  

Let them give a chance to be a child again with full of freedom and innocence. Childhood is very precious time in everyone's journey.

Let them bring closer an inch to nature and wildlife everyday to make them responsible person to protect our green environment and natural world. It's our Lifeline.

We can't forget especially able children. They need individual care and help to flourish. Sometimes they need extra time and love to learn everything. We need to be aware that they don't left behind in their progress.

At the end, Childhood is the strong foundation to make nice and kind human being. Today's world needs such human beings that make our world a beautiful place to live...

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Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist
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