Friday, January 15, 2010

Asiatic Lions of Gujarat...

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I was just reading TOI news paper. There is one article on 'Lions for Kuno' that said Madhya Pradesh (MP) has again demand Gir Lions, and committee of National Wildlife Board said.. 'MP should be allocated lions from the nature i.e. directly from the wild and not the zoo-breed lions for the Kuno Palpur Sanctuary'.

The words of Murli Krishnan, Conservator of Forest, Gwalior..He said.. "We have renewed our demand for wild animals. These animals are given to us for the breeding centre and not for the Kuno Palpur Project".

Now, I wonder Why MP is so desperate for Lions? They can't even handle Tiger NPs and Sanctuaries of MP properly & in well mannered. We are losing Tigers!!! How they will handle Lions? None is talking about this serious part while demanding the lions from Gujarat!!!!

Lion is completely different from Tiger. Do MP forest department have experienced people (Staff) that understands different behaviors of lion? How they live in the wild? What are their necessities? What about notorious poachers of MP? (Poachers that captured from Gir NP for killing of lions were from MP, none has to forget this truth!!!)


If Gujarat will ever give lions to'll surely get new Lion NP in no time in MP with big traffic and bunch of Gypsy...MP want to showcase Tigers and Lions in one state for tourism purpose and attract the tourists. Lion will never handle this kind of pressure like tiger for sure its social animal and not solitaire like tiger, b'coz they are not used to this kind of things in GIR....

For the name of conservation people are planning to earn big bucks...None thinking about the precious life of wild lions. Even a pride of 6-7 lions is so important for nature. We can't put their life on the edge for the sake of tourism & trial...If MP is really serious about the conservation of Asiatic Lions than Why they are not helping Gujarat Govt to save the lions in different other habitats / locations in Gujarat only?

Gujarat Govt. also finalized Gene Pool Bank for lions at 'Rampara Vidi' near Wankaner...far away from Gir. There is one also proposed site 'Barda Dungar' and many more...Gujarat Govt. has also declared Girnar Mountain's wild region as 'Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary'...Lions are also roaming here freely...

I'm not against the relocation of lions but I do feel MP forest department having no experience to handle lions. Just similar Habitat & availability of Prey is not enough to say Lions will survive in Kuno Palpur Sanctuary...There are answers to find for so many questions and some questions having no answers!!!!

I strongly believe MP should have concentrate & use all the powers & resources for the Protection of Tigers instead Demanding for the Lions. This is silly & shameful idea of MP Govt. I'm really surprised by the support of Conservation Organizations to MP Govt. without thinking deeply on this issue.

Tigers are vanishing from the Indian Jungle. From 4000 Tigers, now nearly 1000 tigers left in the wild or may be less....They should put pressure on MP Govt. to do something about the Conservation of Tigers instead Demand of Wild Lions. We don't have many Lions to sacrifice their precious life!!!! Gujarat has successfully save the species of Lion from merely 20 to 350...

Save Nature...Save Wildlife
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