Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Importance of Wildlife Art in Conservation.

There are many ways to do conservation activities. Some activities provide direct help to the wildlife, like services of Veterinary Doctor, Biologist, naturalist etc. and some activities provide indirect help to save the wildlife and nature like different Wildlife awareness programmes, donations, eco-tourism etc. Wildlife Art is also one such approach to save nature.

I consider Wildlife Art is a way to show reverence for the nature by spreading the message of wildlife conservation as well as by donating some portion of the funds to use in protecting wildlife and nature. The wildlife art is the only art form, that directly put emphasis to show different aspects & issues concerning wildlife and nature.

There are many techniques and programmes, which used in spreading the message of wildlife conservation. Majority awareness programmes includes speech, photo-slides, wildlife movies, and sometimes live show of wild animals to provide the information about wildlife conservation. All these are wonderful way of spreading the message of wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Art, The only ancient art form which is still survive and revitalize. Human had started to live with the nature. Our ancestor knew the importance of our wildlife and nature. They’ve tried to understand the wildlife and that’s why they decorated their cave shelters with the paintings of wildlife in the form of lines and shadows.

Wildlife Art not only enlighten different conservation issues but also represents diverse aspects of nature like climate, season, plants, environment, animal behaviour, expressions, moods, actions etc. All these aspects are very important to make someone feel oneself as part of the nature and when this done person definitely comes forward to save the nature. Wildlife Art has an ability to motivate everyone for wildlife conservation. As every Wildlife Artist forever works for wildlife awareness, I firmly believe Wildlife Art can be a most successful way of wildlife awareness.

I’m very sure that everyone loves wildlife art because of its composition and presentation style. Wildlife Artists always work hard to present the nature in its full glory as well as to show different conservation issues in their every work and try to convince the people to come forward for wildlife conservation activities.

‘Marwell International Wildlife Art Society’ is the Europe’s largest group of wildlife artists which actively working for supporting different conservation activities of ‘Marwell Zoological Park, UK.

‘Ranthambhor School of Art’ is another good example, situated near very famous Tiger Reserve in India, where local wildlife artists are working for conservation of Ranthambhor NP. This art school is supported by renowned 'David Shepherd Foundation'.

‘Artist for Conservation’ and ‘Society of Animal Artists’ is also well known groups of wildlife artists, which are actively working for wildlife conservation & art education.

So please support & appreciate all the wildlife artists for their hard work for a good cause.

Feel yourself alone, confused, depressed & shattered?

If your answer is YES, than this article is for you and if your answer is NO than you are a luckiest person, you need not to read this article because you have achieved everything in your life.

Those who are in search for something new & difficult thing to achieve in their life always come across this stage. I always salute to those who show incredible strength & courage to venture into unpredictable, tough, hazardous & long way to get success.

Not everyone can choose this path. Be careful before taking this path. This is not an easy task to achieve. Be practical. Identify your strengths and weaknesses before starting of any work or you will lost the way in middle.

If you are a person who has lost the way, never disappoint with your endeavour. It may possible that you’ve not utilised your strength in correct manner and now you feel your strength becomes your weakness. Hard work is the only way to reach the destination & fulfil your dream. Never loose your strength & courage. These are the only gear you equipped with to fight against all the odds. Think about your mistakes & failures and than rectify it. Keep aptitude to complete the work you have started. Never keep your confusion inside; share with others, you will definitely get positive answers. Do not hasitate to take your loved ones’ help or ask someone who you think will help you. Be positive & be expressive. Someone will definitely help you to get out from these circumstances. If you are lucky, you may find someone who will give you support all the way to end…

Those who gets success after lots of hard work, knows the importance of their success. They know how to use this success and how s/he can be helpful to others. Success never comes easily. Success always comes with lots of responsibilities and only true achiever of the success can perform these responsibilities.

Success needs down to earth personality. You can’t say ‘I’m the only achiever’. There would be many individuals you meet in the way to success. Some of them may help you to show correct way to reach the success. You should thank all these people and never forget their supportive nature. Be helpful, kind, supportive, co-operative & responsible person.

Now wakeup, start working and never stop until you achieve the success.
– Swami Vivekananda. (One of the greatest leaders of INDIA)
If you understand a value of the impact of this positive phrase, you will never fail in your life.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wildlife Conservation - The Problem & Solution:

It’s a hot topic now days. Everyone talking about it and very few do something for it. Why?

It’s very easy to destroy anything but to create something new always difficult and some creations are not meant for human. Wildlife & Weather is such creations of the nature. It will remain forever a challenge for human to understand it. Human can only save and protect the nature but can’t create it. Today human even failed in his responsibilities to save and protect nature.

During the school days each of us learned two words man-made and natural, but we don’t understand their importance… or no one takes these words seriously during childhood. That’s why when child grown to adulthood s/he can’t understand the importance of the nature…

Human is also a creation of nature, Human is the only species which evolution creates a drastic problems for the nature.

During the past 2000 years we lost more than 100 mammals species. Most species died during the 19th and 20th century only and many are endangered or threatened now. The critical reason for this is misbehaviour of human in the form of excessive hunting, poaching, various kind of pollutions, and uncontrolled use of the natural resources.

Many individuals and conservation organizations around the world are doing excellent job to create awareness and protect the nature, but their task looks everlasting because they do not received the support they needed from the people. Conservation can be successful with our support if each of us gives our contribution to protect the nature. Contribution is not in the terms of only money but by taking true pledge to save nature.

How one can contribute to save nature?

1) By spreading the message of awareness.
2) By supporting individuals and conservation organizations activities.
3) By not using or using limited amount of the natural resources.
4) By not purchasing any products which made from wild animals or birds’ parts.
5) By not using plastic bags instead use cloth, jute or recycled paper bags.
6) By not using paper in big amount. Use both the side of the paper.
7) By not disposing off plastic or other non-biodegradable into the soil or water.
8) By not dumping your leftovers in wild places during your camping & trekking.
9) By quit hunting.
10) By being conservationist or environmentalist.
11) By being a responsible person.
12) By being a good human being.

We have lost many wild species & places. We can’t get it back, but we can save and protect our remaining wildlife and nature by our good behaviour and thoughts. We have to understand our responsibilities.

We are the destroyer of the nature. We can’t be a creator of the nature, but we can be a faithful curator of the nature.

Bad human being is a problem to save the nature and Good human being is a solution to save the nature.

If you are a responsible person and good human being than spread the message of wildlife and nature conservation. Nature needs your support. Please do your level best to protect our nature and support different conservation organizations in their activities.

Spare some time from your busy & important schedule or if possible please change your lifestyle little bit to protect our nature. You’ll feel lots of energy and peace inside by doing one divine, wonderful and important duty.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A way to become Wildlife Artist....

In this article I’ve tried to cover some tips & my experiences which might helpful to those who want to discover Wildlife Art.

Many times people ask me a simple but big question, How to create wildlife painting? I usually say by patience, but people generally do not satisfy with this answer, and start asking more and more questions about wildlife paintings. That shows people really love Wildlife Art.

Most of the person agrees, to create Wildlife Art requires lots of preparation & hard work. One can’t consider this art form just as a technique to paint animals and birds; this is much more than that.

The first and important aspect of wildlife art is ‘True love for the wildlife’. It is very difficult to understand wildlife art if you don’t love wildlife. Be a part of the nature.

Don’t take Wildlife Art just as an art but take it as a passion. When you work passionately you can achieve anything you want.

Patience is a key to success. Be creative, always explore some innovative ideas to create magnificent work, and never think to take any short cuts……

Show your dedication towards the nature. Paint Wildlife Art for conservation and awareness. Wildlife Art shows a way to represent & create the Wildlife in which viewer can see the essence of animals, birds and their natural world in it’s full glory, as well as try to create art work in which observer can feel oneself as an integrate part of the nature. May be possible some viewer of your art work motivate to protect our wildlife & nature. I consider this is a biggest success for any wildlife artist.

>>> ….Some practical aspect should also consider…. <<<

Wildlife Art requires a good drawing & painting ability. It’s very easy to achieve but needs hard work to make it…. use trial & error method. It’s effective.

Observe other wildlife artist’s work as inspirations only, but never follow someone’s footprints, make your own way to reach the destination.

Never paint or think only for money. You will definitely get your reward if you work hard. Money is important thing but not everything.

Wildlife Art is expensive form of art. Read my article ‘Wildlife Art in INDIA’. Why I’m thinking so?

At the end I would like to add very important & much needed fact to understand, A Positive Support from your family. Many of you might have experienced a situation, where a person doesn’t get positive response from a family to pursue a career as an artist. Common people think career as an artist is unpredictable, and some extent they are true. I personally believe when a person received full support from the family, one can feel lots of energy inside to fight against all the odds to become a successful personality. So it’s my personal opinion, any how form a faithful family bond to start your career as an artist. Ultimately you’ve to fight alone but you’ll sense full encouragement from your family members. Nothing is important than family.

Initial stage is always challenging for any artist. If you have an aptitude to cope with these circumstances you can become a good artist. Never disappoint with your mistakes, learn from it and never feel descend with your endeavour. Be progressive. A way to success always been through the dense woods, be a lone explorer to reach the destination.

I hope this information will helpful to elevate your talent & enthusiasm.

Wish you a good luck.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Milestone.....

My passion for Wildlife Art started when I visited ‘Royal Chitvan National Park’ in Nepal just after completion of my graduation. Before this, I visited several National Parks & sanctuaries of India, but visit to this park was special to me because it has changed the perception of my life. In everyone’s life sometimes this kind of phase comes, when a moment can change entire life.

During the elephant safari, we encountered with female rhinoceros with a calf sitting under the tree. May you feel that it was a wonderful moment for any wildlife loving person to see female rhino with a calf; it was a great as well as sad moment for me! Not because I’m not equipped with a good camera but the female rhino was not in a good condition even to protect her baby. One can easily count its ribs from a distance and calf seated very near to the mother in search for protection from the predator, but unaware about the mother’s pity condition!!!

This was a moment that changed my life, instantly I decided to start something to create awareness about protection & conservation of endangered species. A question in my mind what to do? A prompt answer; the only thing that I can do is to paint wildlife for awareness & conservation. From that day i just think about the nature & wildlife, I try my best at my level to do something for these marvellous & helpless creatures.

Wildlife Art in INDIA

Initially I started my career as software engineer, but simultaneously I also engaged sometimes on sketching & painting when I get time from my busy job schedule. At that time I don’t know much about art communities and art market in India as well as globally. May be I’m not very serious about to take art as profession during my job days, but thinking about to become a Wildlife Artist once.

I quickly realized, a way to become wildlife artist is not so easy in India. I started to search wildlife artist in India for some sort of inspiration, but I failed to find anyone who can guide me how to go further? I decided to be my teacher. I gradually learnt from mistakes of my creations (trial & error method). I spent my first 2-3 years to understand the wildlife and the wildlife art. The progression is still continuing and will continue lifelong.

Wildlife Art is the most ignored form of art in India. Majority Indian artist do not opt wildlife as main subject. One reason could be one can’t make easy and instant money in wildlife art as this is time & money consuming as well as difficult form of art.

One can’t paint wildlife just in studio. Artist requires spending lots of days in the wild atmosphere to find and composed the subject. I personally believe wildlife art is the most expensive form of art to paint. Wildlife Artist requires to spent more money to paint one piece of art compare to other subjects. To paint each work, artist requires travelling to different wild places to find various subjects, and its quite costly affair for a young and new artist.

Moreover, in India there is no wildlife art community who encourage the form of art & the wildlife artist. Most of the people and art anthusiasts in India do not know much about a wonderful & ancient art form like Wildlife Art.

I take my Wildlife Art as a mission to make it admired by all the art enthusiasts & people of India. I know this is a very challenging task, it may possible, my mission will take several years in this process but I’m extremely confident to craft my mission successful one day. This art form is like an ocean and looks very attractive, beautiful and gorgeous from distance, but those diving into it know what’s inside and how huge it is!

If you are a wildlife art admirer and support wildlife art and the artists, please send your thoughts and comments about wildlife art. It will be very helpful for me to craft my mission.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coming Soon...

Painting on Blackbuck antelope, inspired from my last trip to 'Velavadar Blackbuck National Park'.
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