Thursday, December 6, 2007

A way to become Wildlife Artist....

In this article I’ve tried to cover some tips & my experiences which might helpful to those who want to discover Wildlife Art.

Many times people ask me a simple but big question, How to create wildlife painting? I usually say by patience, but people generally do not satisfy with this answer, and start asking more and more questions about wildlife paintings. That shows people really love Wildlife Art.

Most of the person agrees, to create Wildlife Art requires lots of preparation & hard work. One can’t consider this art form just as a technique to paint animals and birds; this is much more than that.

The first and important aspect of wildlife art is ‘True love for the wildlife’. It is very difficult to understand wildlife art if you don’t love wildlife. Be a part of the nature.

Don’t take Wildlife Art just as an art but take it as a passion. When you work passionately you can achieve anything you want.

Patience is a key to success. Be creative, always explore some innovative ideas to create magnificent work, and never think to take any short cuts……

Show your dedication towards the nature. Paint Wildlife Art for conservation and awareness. Wildlife Art shows a way to represent & create the Wildlife in which viewer can see the essence of animals, birds and their natural world in it’s full glory, as well as try to create art work in which observer can feel oneself as an integrate part of the nature. May be possible some viewer of your art work motivate to protect our wildlife & nature. I consider this is a biggest success for any wildlife artist.

>>> ….Some practical aspect should also consider…. <<<

Wildlife Art requires a good drawing & painting ability. It’s very easy to achieve but needs hard work to make it…. use trial & error method. It’s effective.

Observe other wildlife artist’s work as inspirations only, but never follow someone’s footprints, make your own way to reach the destination.

Never paint or think only for money. You will definitely get your reward if you work hard. Money is important thing but not everything.

Wildlife Art is expensive form of art. Read my article ‘Wildlife Art in INDIA’. Why I’m thinking so?

At the end I would like to add very important & much needed fact to understand, A Positive Support from your family. Many of you might have experienced a situation, where a person doesn’t get positive response from a family to pursue a career as an artist. Common people think career as an artist is unpredictable, and some extent they are true. I personally believe when a person received full support from the family, one can feel lots of energy inside to fight against all the odds to become a successful personality. So it’s my personal opinion, any how form a faithful family bond to start your career as an artist. Ultimately you’ve to fight alone but you’ll sense full encouragement from your family members. Nothing is important than family.

Initial stage is always challenging for any artist. If you have an aptitude to cope with these circumstances you can become a good artist. Never disappoint with your mistakes, learn from it and never feel descend with your endeavour. Be progressive. A way to success always been through the dense woods, be a lone explorer to reach the destination.

I hope this information will helpful to elevate your talent & enthusiasm.

Wish you a good luck.

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