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Warm welcome to visiting my Wildlife Art Gallery :). Here are collection of my Nature and Wildlife Artworks that are based on my extensive and passionate fieldwork studies in the wild. Paintings are based on my Wildlife Photography, Memories & Wild Experience.

Hope you'll enjoy my Wildlife Art as much as I love to create it :). Please email me at to purchase my artworks. 10% of the sales proceeds will be donated towards Nature and Wildlife Conservation.

I'll regularly update my Art Gallery with new artworks so keep looking for the new arrivals. Also visit 'Art on Easel' section to view upcoming work :).

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Rahul Parekh

'Silent Beauty' - Little Egret. A tribute to common birds of India that are generally ignored in the splendor of other iconic species. The Little Egret is a small white heron found in lakes, marshes, and flooded fields. It is endowed with elegant all white plumage. In fact, its breeding plumes were once regarded as more valuable than gold & widely smuggled in many parts of the world.

This painting is published in May 2012 issue of 'Saevus' Wildlife Magazine.

'Silent Beauty' - Acrylic on Canvas - 18" x 12"
For Sale - Rs. 21500/- Email me for more information

'Piercing Eyes' - Pied Kingfisher. One of the most graceful Hunter of Water. It's hunting skills reminds us how precious is to conserve our wetland ecosystems. Survival of any living species depends on healthy ecology. We need watchful piercing eyes to have successful attempts every time to save & protect our wetlands to keep alive the healthy environment for water birds...

'Piercing Eyes' - Acrylic on Canvas - 18" x 12"
For Sale - Rs. 17000/- Email me for more information

'Eyes of the Darkness' - Barn Owl. An evening with nature is so relaxing while watching the returning birds to their nest & roosting sites. Fruit Bats are flying far away to start their long night. Insects are buzzing to add melody in peaceful atmosphere. Dark meadow is swinging with the cool wind in the tranquil moments hunter of the night preying so peacefully. Silence prevail forever and life goes on and on and on...

Owls are guardian of our farms and crops. They are not evil ghosts. Owls need rapid conservation efforts to save all the owl species. They are struggling to survive from Habitat Loss, Lack of Roosting & Nesting sites, Pesticides, Sky Lanterns, Poaching for food & Black Magic & Superstitious related to owls...

'Eyes of the Darkness' - Acrylic on Canvas - 16" x 12"
For Sale - Rs. 15000/- Email me for more information

'Humane Intervention' - White-browed Wagtail / Large Pied Wagtail. Common in Indian Subcontinent and they mainly found near wetlands. Its Used to human & Urban Environment. Mostly active on morning & feed on insects and breeding in Southern India. Lovely to see them on perching on ground and wires and making calls :).

My painting depicts relationship between human and nature. Intervention should be Humane to sustainable survival for both of us.

'Humane Intervention' - Acrylic on Canvas - 18" x 12"
For Sale - Rs. 21500/- Email me for more information

'Night Stalkers' - Chiroptera / Bats are our only true Flying Mammal. There are 1240 bat species around the world. They are widely distributed except Arctic & Antarctica. They are unique but not safe. White Nose Syndrome, Wind Turbines, Pesticides, Habitat loss, Cat Attacks, Hit by Car etc are conservation threats to the survival for bats.

My Painting depicts the life of bats that starts every evening by going out of their natural roosting site, Caves. 

'Night Stalkers' - Acrylic on Canvas - 16" x 12"
For Sale - Rs. 25000/- Email me for more information

'Armour in Peril' - Great One-horned Indian Rhinoceros. Known for its Armour like skin that cannot protect our precious Rhinos. They are in great danger of extinction because of illegal poaching and reduction in natural habitat. I've tried to show this sad side of glorious animal. 

'Armour in Peril' - Watercolour on Paper - 16" x 12"
For Sale - Rs. 8250/- Email me for more information

'A Painful Panacea' A next painting on Rhino Conservation theme. Mainly focused on the issue of Illegal Poaching, Loss of habitat and Flood in Brahmaputra River.

'A Painful Panacea' - Acrylic on Canvas - 18" x 12"
For Sale - Rs. 15000/- Email me for more information

Please visit Art & Conservation on my website to view entire collection of my Wildlife Art

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