Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time to Change the Views - Support Wildlife Art

Dear Friends,

Serious Thought: I really don't understand why people purchasing ugly and sometimes thoughtless paintings at huge amount in the name of modern art / contemporary art / master artist / Investment etc. !!!??? It feels like Art Market is in hands of few Old & Famous Artists and Galleries in India!!!!

Please purchase Paintings & Photographs that are pleasing to your eyes & mind, thought provocative, gives you immense inner happiness & pleasure, Of Different Subjects & Out of the box perspective & compositions, Created by heart & soul of the Artists and Photographers...

People have to understand that Some are not just Studio Artists and Photographers. We spend hours in fieldwork & subject research & detailing to be true to subject and spend BIG money to create one piece of art & image...

Please support Wildlife Artists & Nature Photographers. There are so many talent out there but not getting good and sound exposure and market. Many are also leaving this Nature and Wildlife Field because of it and at that time I feel really very sad and sorry :((( because most of all the Wildlife Artists and Nature Photographers are also working for the Nature Conservation too...!!!

I request All the Wildlife Artists and Photographers, Please spread these words and raise your voice. Don't be just mute spectators. Do inspire people to purchase Wildlife Art & Nature Photographs. Write & Put yourself forward...

At the end, I must say, Please don't purchase fake, cheap and commercial art. These are worst enemies of Artists and Photographers. If you really want to support Artists and Photographers, please purchase directly from them and boost their spirits and true art :)).

Artist keeps the art & culture alive. This is the identity of any society. How it represents the Art...?

All best wishes,

Cheers, Rahul Parekh
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