Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Traditional vocation or Dream vocation:

Have you ever thought or give attention why some occupations are very popular compare to others, professions like Doctor, Engineer, CA, and secure jobs like civil services, govt services, top management services etc. All these are examples of hot traditional vocations. What are the similarities or advantages of these occupations? All these come with big degrees and gives you secure financial life, and disadvantages are all these make and give you barren, uncreative, boring and monotonous life, if this is not your dream vocation.

Why do majority people choose traditional vocation? Here are some excuses.

1) Everyone wants secure financial life.
2) My friends & everyone do it so I…
3) My family or parents forces or wants me to do so.
4) A good occupation & degree earns you respect and admiration in the society.
5) What else one can do to earn money?
6) These are famous & accepted career options in the public view.
7) What others say if I’m not doing such profession or job?
8) What do I say if I’m not doing some regular occupation?
9) I’ve no other option except to do it.

I’m very sure that many of you might have once in your life thought in an above mentioned way. Many of you would be definitely happy with your chosen occupation, but there are many individuals who are not satisfied with their occupation also. It may possible they are not lucky enough to select their dream career or they do not have enough courage to do something different or they are scared by the society and choose a common occupation.

It is very hard to choose dream vocation in our society. Generally people do not accept or understand the new and unique career option available to the interested person. Most of the time some kind of pressure, forces a person to choose an occupation which is not s/he wanted to do. I meet many people who are not satisfied with their job or occupation but continued with their work by compromise to avoid some situation.

Sometimes I feel our society is very prejudiced. It does not give chance or encourage the person who wants to do something s/he likes to do. That’s why very few can choose their hobby or interest or liking as a career.

People also give excuse that new and unique career does not offer good monetary gains, and at the other end when someone gets success everyone gives smile and show their appreciation which nowhere seen before. Why is that so? In relation to it I would say any new career option needs hard work to make it successful, that’s why it requires lots of strengths, courage and support. Just think about one question. Why not encourage a person from the starting of his/her new & unique career?

No chicks are born flyer. They acquire flying skills from their parents and with their attempts & failure. The other side is equally true that, No birds can soar too high with their own wings.

Everyone can do regular work but to do unique work requires lots of passion, skills and guts. Very few possess this, so please give support to who wants to do something unique that s/he likes to do.

If you are a person who wants to do something different and pursue a dream vocation, keep in mind that road ahead is very difficult. You have to be ready to face or hear some negative thoughts. You may fail in your efforts. You may feel alone & confused sometimes. It may take long time to get success. Those who can do and ready for hard work and does not loose their strength and courage in middle will definitely get success in their dream vocation. A hard earned success always gives lots of energy, respect and admiration in the society.

I’ve for the very first time write a poem for those who have a dream to do something different. The poem shows my thoughts & experiences and the way I live my life. Be positive in your life to become successful and make your dream come true.

Do what you like
Live what you wish for
Enjoy success that you earn
Share your success with you love most
Love what you do, Do what you love
Be an explorer that reaches to end
Road ahead will be hazardous
But don’t loose your courage
Have a dream in you
Dream, a door to the new world
New world brings you happiness and peace
Happiness and Peace gives you strength & bravery
Strength and Bravery makes you optimistic & expressive
The thoughts which are most needed to make your dream come true

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