Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vulture Conservation:

It’s a hot issue today. Vulture population has decreasing rapidly during last few years. Some organizations have researched that ‘Diclofenac’ drug is the main cause of this problem…..

>> If this is really a true cause than the use of this drug should be banned effectively & strongly in veterinary use.

>> Some veterinary doctors also said / give excuse that ‘Diclofenac’ can’t be a cause of this disaster. As per the doctors, this drug easily be flushed out / defecate from the body of the animal through urinary system and can’t harm the vultures while carrion eating. If these doctors are mistaken than they should be informed with the truth immediately.

>> Other big problem faced by the vultures is the shelter. There are very few tall trees remaining. Some are cut down by the human, some are fallen naturally, some are fallen during the natural clematis, and some are died during natural / man-made forest fire.

It is very difficult or not practical to plant many trees & cultivate them for near future but very effective & necessary for the far future. For the present scenario a ‘Pole Structures’ will be very effective for the nesting & roosting. If these structures be created at high points. No doubt this is an expensive idea.

>> Some villages have separate & open place for carcass eradicate. In this kind of place more vultures of different species gather with some local carnivores like dogs, jackals and other carrion eating animals & birds. This is very vulnerable for the vultures if some animals or birds are suffered from the disease and the vultures have no immunity for that disease!

Carcass eradicate places should be high fenced with big open area hence no animals can trespass, so vultures can easily eat their food and can be protected from the animal disease.

>> Many birding groups sometimes find the vulture roosting / breeding sites. These sites are very important to know How & Why these vultures have selected this particular place for their roosting & breeding site.

These sites should be pin point on the maps, to create a larger map of vulture sightings. These sites can be sub grouped in roosting site, breeding site, carrion eating site, aloft site, local migration / journey route site etc. These maps can be very useful to identity the vulture population, behaviour pattern, migration pattern, food eating habits etc. to plan the vulture conservation activity.

>> Feeding vultures maintain the strict social order as per body size and strength of beak. If the population of higher order vultures decreases then lower order vultures feel many troubles during the carrion eating. As higher order vultures have strong beak to rip the hides & meat of the carcass, while lower order vultures have weak beak but big feet adapted to walking & holding the carcass.

All vultures are very important for the nature. It’s our duty to maintain the food chain & social order for the conservation of the vultures. If any vulture species extinct other dependent species suffered a lot or may extinct very easily.

If higher order vultures extinct then lower order vultures extinct easily. If lower order vultures extinct then their may be a chance of massive disease massacre from the remaining carrion, so other animals & birds will also suffered.

This is my views about the vulture conservation as per my knowledge about the vultures. There may be good chances to save the vultures if we can gather more information about this important bird. These are basic conservation activity that we can conduct at a beginning level and from here we can move ahead with some scientific conservation approach. Undoubtedly this is very expensive conservation activity, and support from different experienced persons, conservation organizations, corporate & the government is must in terms of scientific knowledge and monetary funds.

This is a big joke as well as tragedy for the Nature…..

I don’t understand why people get active when some animals or birds species reached to the near extinction. This is the time to think over to preserve the nature in its true condition. If we doing something wrong than we will have to be ready to suffer a lot. Please read my article on ‘Wildlife Conservation: The Problem & Solution’.

Please share your ideas or views to save the vultures so we all can conduct or contribute in the vulture conservation activity effectively.

With all best wishes,

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