Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wildlife Conservation - The Problem & Solution:

It’s a hot topic now days. Everyone talking about it and very few do something for it. Why?

It’s very easy to destroy anything but to create something new always difficult and some creations are not meant for human. Wildlife & Weather is such creations of the nature. It will remain forever a challenge for human to understand it. Human can only save and protect the nature but can’t create it. Today human even failed in his responsibilities to save and protect nature.

During the school days each of us learned two words man-made and natural, but we don’t understand their importance… or no one takes these words seriously during childhood. That’s why when child grown to adulthood s/he can’t understand the importance of the nature…

Human is also a creation of nature, Human is the only species which evolution creates a drastic problems for the nature.

During the past 2000 years we lost more than 100 mammals species. Most species died during the 19th and 20th century only and many are endangered or threatened now. The critical reason for this is misbehaviour of human in the form of excessive hunting, poaching, various kind of pollutions, and uncontrolled use of the natural resources.

Many individuals and conservation organizations around the world are doing excellent job to create awareness and protect the nature, but their task looks everlasting because they do not received the support they needed from the people. Conservation can be successful with our support if each of us gives our contribution to protect the nature. Contribution is not in the terms of only money but by taking true pledge to save nature.

How one can contribute to save nature?

1) By spreading the message of awareness.
2) By supporting individuals and conservation organizations activities.
3) By not using or using limited amount of the natural resources.
4) By not purchasing any products which made from wild animals or birds’ parts.
5) By not using plastic bags instead use cloth, jute or recycled paper bags.
6) By not using paper in big amount. Use both the side of the paper.
7) By not disposing off plastic or other non-biodegradable into the soil or water.
8) By not dumping your leftovers in wild places during your camping & trekking.
9) By quit hunting.
10) By being conservationist or environmentalist.
11) By being a responsible person.
12) By being a good human being.

We have lost many wild species & places. We can’t get it back, but we can save and protect our remaining wildlife and nature by our good behaviour and thoughts. We have to understand our responsibilities.

We are the destroyer of the nature. We can’t be a creator of the nature, but we can be a faithful curator of the nature.

Bad human being is a problem to save the nature and Good human being is a solution to save the nature.

If you are a responsible person and good human being than spread the message of wildlife and nature conservation. Nature needs your support. Please do your level best to protect our nature and support different conservation organizations in their activities.

Spare some time from your busy & important schedule or if possible please change your lifestyle little bit to protect our nature. You’ll feel lots of energy and peace inside by doing one divine, wonderful and important duty.

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  1. Human beings have umpteen wants and very few needs. If we can take care of our needs and ignore our wants, the world will be a better place


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