Saturday, July 16, 2011

Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund...

Dear Friends,

So happily let you know that I've recently founded 'Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund' to support different Nature Conservation Projects through my Nature & Wildlife Art. Now 'Rahul Parekh Wildlife Art' is associated with 'Green Tree ECF' and will donate 10% - 25% of sales proceeds of all my artworks to reputed & experienced Nature Conservation Organizations in India to support their different Projects & Activities :). Please click on below image for more information...

Looking forward to great support from you all lovely people :)

All best wishes,

Cheers, Rahul

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hot Summer, sums up...

Indeed Summer is the most difficult season to cope with..!!! Everything is dry & burned. Life becomes fragile & frail. Mere glimpse of mirage can bring hope of new life...

In such hard & harsh conditions, when I see tiny insect live its little life with full glory, I bow to power and wonder of mother nature.

It's not about just to survival but to live against the odds. There is no option to complain in Nature. In this way we feel lucky to speak against & about odds that affects our life ;-), but most important thing is, is it worth doing this?

People mainly associate Summer with WATER as it brings drought, but they forget that Summer is the season that brings happiness in Monsoon :o). but it also remind us to SAVE WATER for our difficult times ;-)

We cannot walk bare foot during summer, We need shoes! Why? is it not because soil is very hot but it teach us to be on ground to feel the soil :-).

Wind in the Mist and Heatwave both are opposite to each other but both let us know the difference between good & bad.

Temperature will rise in coming month but this will give chance to learn so much from Summer Season...

Now time to enjoy, Happy Summer to all :o)))

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Circus Circus... Factory of Animal Abuse...

Dear Friends,

Recently India has banned child performance in Circuses. This is really good step to stop child labour & exploitation, but when India will strongly ban performances of Wild Animals in Circuses???

A BIG issues is court has seen & show the red eye to stop child labour as children poorly working like animals in the circuses but Why Government & Court is not seeing Poor Animals working & living stressful & forlorn life in the circuses with so much torturing & cruelty!!! :(((

This is not just in India but its a Global issue. Circuses world over are using wild animals for performances without showing any kindness, love & affection. Animals are living in a hell...!!! and the most saddened part is their death never be natural and died with so much pain & mournful condition :(((

As a responsible human being of this natural world its our responsibility to stop such open cruelty that happening in front of our eyes. Please boycott all the circuses which are using Wild Animals as performers and please also teach and explain this to your children as well, as most of the viewers of the circus are children.

A strong law & punishment is urgently needed to ban the Animal Performances in the Circuses. Until this our precious and innocent Animals be used & tortured in a brutal way!!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Woman's Day...

Wish you all women of the world a very Happy & Beautiful Woman's Day :o)). 

Wish you all a great achievements & wonderful life...

Our world is alive, happy & cheerful because of you all women...

You are Nature's best creation. Proud of you all :o)))
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