Friday, December 12, 2008

'Save the Birds'

Dear Bird Lovers,

The kite festival is coming and we should get ready to save some precious life. I called this event as 'Festival of Massacare'. 'People enjoy & Bird perils'. This is certainly being stopped. Many avian lives comes into danger zone during December & January months. Many birds died during these months because of very sharp & fatal glass coated strings (Manja).

Please those who are reading this message and who loves wildlife art too, please take an oath that 'We will never fly a single kite in our life to save our precious bird life & natural world.' Please show your respect & love towards the nature. This is certainly very important duty to fulfil. Please also spread this awareness message to your friends, relatives & all the people.

Ahmedabad is considered as hub of the 'Kite flying festival' and my friend Vipul Ramanuj is doing excellent job to save our flying beauties in Ahmedabad. Please visit his blog to more information about this and to view images of some birds in peril at Please support in this humble activity to save the birds.

Contact No. of Vipul Ramanuj is 98257 14841. Please contact him at this number for any help needed in Ahmedabad to save the birds.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vulture Conservation:

It’s a hot issue today. Vulture population has decreasing rapidly during last few years. Some organizations have researched that ‘Diclofenac’ drug is the main cause of this problem…..

>> If this is really a true cause than the use of this drug should be banned effectively & strongly in veterinary use.

>> Some veterinary doctors also said / give excuse that ‘Diclofenac’ can’t be a cause of this disaster. As per the doctors, this drug easily be flushed out / defecate from the body of the animal through urinary system and can’t harm the vultures while carrion eating. If these doctors are mistaken than they should be informed with the truth immediately.

>> Other big problem faced by the vultures is the shelter. There are very few tall trees remaining. Some are cut down by the human, some are fallen naturally, some are fallen during the natural clematis, and some are died during natural / man-made forest fire.

It is very difficult or not practical to plant many trees & cultivate them for near future but very effective & necessary for the far future. For the present scenario a ‘Pole Structures’ will be very effective for the nesting & roosting. If these structures be created at high points. No doubt this is an expensive idea.

>> Some villages have separate & open place for carcass eradicate. In this kind of place more vultures of different species gather with some local carnivores like dogs, jackals and other carrion eating animals & birds. This is very vulnerable for the vultures if some animals or birds are suffered from the disease and the vultures have no immunity for that disease!

Carcass eradicate places should be high fenced with big open area hence no animals can trespass, so vultures can easily eat their food and can be protected from the animal disease.

>> Many birding groups sometimes find the vulture roosting / breeding sites. These sites are very important to know How & Why these vultures have selected this particular place for their roosting & breeding site.

These sites should be pin point on the maps, to create a larger map of vulture sightings. These sites can be sub grouped in roosting site, breeding site, carrion eating site, aloft site, local migration / journey route site etc. These maps can be very useful to identity the vulture population, behaviour pattern, migration pattern, food eating habits etc. to plan the vulture conservation activity.

>> Feeding vultures maintain the strict social order as per body size and strength of beak. If the population of higher order vultures decreases then lower order vultures feel many troubles during the carrion eating. As higher order vultures have strong beak to rip the hides & meat of the carcass, while lower order vultures have weak beak but big feet adapted to walking & holding the carcass.

All vultures are very important for the nature. It’s our duty to maintain the food chain & social order for the conservation of the vultures. If any vulture species extinct other dependent species suffered a lot or may extinct very easily.

If higher order vultures extinct then lower order vultures extinct easily. If lower order vultures extinct then their may be a chance of massive disease massacre from the remaining carrion, so other animals & birds will also suffered.

This is my views about the vulture conservation as per my knowledge about the vultures. There may be good chances to save the vultures if we can gather more information about this important bird. These are basic conservation activity that we can conduct at a beginning level and from here we can move ahead with some scientific conservation approach. Undoubtedly this is very expensive conservation activity, and support from different experienced persons, conservation organizations, corporate & the government is must in terms of scientific knowledge and monetary funds.

This is a big joke as well as tragedy for the Nature…..

I don’t understand why people get active when some animals or birds species reached to the near extinction. This is the time to think over to preserve the nature in its true condition. If we doing something wrong than we will have to be ready to suffer a lot. Please read my article on ‘Wildlife Conservation: The Problem & Solution’.

Please share your ideas or views to save the vultures so we all can conduct or contribute in the vulture conservation activity effectively.

With all best wishes,

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Kat & The Kitty

It was an early morning when I’m getting ready for a morning walk. I heard a very soft me…aaw sound. I looked around but didn’t find the cat, again I heard the same me…aaw sound and this time I found it in the corner behind the flowerpot.

I looked at her. The face was familiar. She often comes to my home in search of food, but this time she looked tensed and worried. I thought she will move away quickly but, she didn’t, then I leave her alone and….

I went for a walk. When I returned home she was still there. I thought this is a strange behaviour. I observed carefully around and I found a cute kitty behind her. I felt very happy that she had chosen my home as safe shelter for her kitten and brought a new life to my home.
She was protecting & loves her kitten with sheer dedication. After all MOTHER is the greatest creation of the nature. I seated near her with keeping some distance for two - three hours, and when she felt relaxed, she came out from the corner and looked at me with some trust. Then I gave her milk to drink. Now she had put full trust on me and leaves her kitten alone for a while and the kitten also playing freely around.
After some time she feed the kitty and looked at me and said me…aaw for a while and leave her kitten alone with me. This was a very great feeling for me that an animal put complete trust on me with the intention that I will take care and will not harm her little.

By the time the kitty became sleeping kitty. After 20-25 minutes she returned and called her kitten but kitten didn’t waken up. She lay down for while and waited for the kitty to awake, then again she went out for 15-20 minutes. When she returned the kitten was awake and she taken the kitty with her to the new shelter.

This was a very fine morning for me. For almost six hours the cat and the kitty made my home as their home. I’ll never forget this experience in my life.

So, whenever someone makes your home as their home, please don’t mind it. You’ll get lots of happiness by treating them well.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good News...

A two more lion cubs born at Rajkot zoo yesterday. A month ago there were five cubs born but sadly two of them have died some days ago, So now there are five cubs at the zoo and two happy mothers. The other good news is Rajkot zoo gets the status of 'Breeding Centre' for the endangered asiatic lion with the birth of these cubs.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sad News.....

At the Rajkot Zoo, a beautiful asiatic lioness 'Rajvanti' passed away at midnight on 4 Feb. 2008 with multiple organ failure. She came to Rajkot zoo from Junagadh Sakkarbag zoo. she gave birth to 3 female cubs at Rajkot Zoo. Two of which now become a full grown lioness and one is very young. Here is the picture of the proud mother for remembrance. She was a pride for the zoo. Memories are very important and sometimes inevitable, and surely not to be forget.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Which is true Conservation: A Species Protection or Habitat Protection?

From the time when I started to work with wildlife, I’m thinking about true conservation activity. Many of you might think these both methods are true conservation and should apply simultaneously to protect the nature… Am I right?

In some situations I’m also agree with your thoughts, but sometimes some situations divert me to think in different manner or at other side.

A Species Protection, It’s a widely used and talked method. In every country many conservation organizations are working to protect unique species. I’m not against this method but sometimes because of this method other species suffer negligence. Most of the monetary funds diverted to protect specific species and because of this, other species do not get the same treatment. Many times I’ve seen in respect of hyper awareness program to protect specific species majority common people think about to protect that species and do not give much importance to other species.

A big example is the ‘Project Tiger’ program in India to protect tigers & its habitat. Many tiger reserves created under this program. Idea was nice but after many years of implication of this program, still tigers do not feel safe and protected in India.

Whereas other species like Asiatic lion, Kashmir Stag, Red Panda, Golden langur, Nilgiri tahr, Wild buffalo etc. are some endangered species of India but there are no special protection programs to save these animals like ‘Project Tiger’. I’ll say they all are comes under neglected species. There are many other endangered species also, but no one talks about it and many are becoming extinct.

Today majority tiger reserves in India found stuffed with lots of local as well as foreign tourists, because of ‘Project Tiger’ programme. I consider this type of hype is not good for wild animals, and sometimes it responsible for the changes in behaviour pattern of wild animals. Due to heavy safari traffic in these reserves now tigers do not feel threaten or shy from human presence. This is the same case with Asiatic Lions in Gir NP and African Safaris also. I believe poachers gets success because of this type of changes in behaviour of these animals. Animal can’t differentiate between tourist and hunter.

Habitat Protection, I’m firm believer in habitat protection, because of its resourceful conservation approach. I would like to add an example, how dangerous is to make changes in habitat.

A famous example is Mauritius Island for its extinction of rare bird like DODO. This is Extinct between 1681-1790 from different islands because of excessive hunting and introduction of new animals by human to their habitat. Other hardly affected habitats are Antarctica, Arctic, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Amazon Rain Forest and Galapagos Islands etc., which have unique habitat & species to preserve.

In India there are some unique habitats also, like Trans Himalayan, Eastern Rain Forest, Nilgiri biosphere, Western Ghats etc. In each habitat there are unique animals, birds and other creatures found, some are no where found except these habitats.

We have some good examples of successful habitat and species conservation also. I consider Asiatic Lion is one of the best success stories. It reaches the figure of 359 (Apr. 2005) from only 20 during last 80-100 years, but need not to be happy because this majestic animal still under big threats of extinction because of interbreeding, poaching and disease of different viruses from domestic animals and anthrax.

I’m a big supporter of this method. Not only habitat protection saves different types of ecosystems but also saves all the creatures which are dependent on a particular habitat. Other important aspect of this method is every creature gets equal chance to improve their survival opportunity.

We need not to worry about each and every species of creatures to protect. This is nature’s task. Let’s the nature do its work. What we need to do is to protect the nature & different habitats only, Nature will save all the creatures. Every creature has an ability to adapt the prevailing conditions. The evolution is still continuing but this is a very slow process compare to our destruction of the nature. We are so quick in damaging the nature that nature can’t compete to protect itself. So this is now our responsibility to save, protect and increase the different natural habitats and give chance to other creatures to live their life happily, safely and in correct pace.

If every creature gets a safe, protected and natural habitat with proper food chain than they will increase their population as well as this improves formation & preservation of the soil, trees, plants, water & other natural resources. If everything goes in correct ways the jungle area increases naturally. To make it possible we must save and protect our jungles and different habitats effectively.

This is the right time to give importance to habitat protection instead species protection. Habitat protection has wide conservation criteria and it protects all the species & natural resources instead specific species.

I hope you’ll also agree with my thoughts and provide your support to protect different habitats.

“Save the Jungles to Save the Nature”

Traditional vocation or Dream vocation:

Have you ever thought or give attention why some occupations are very popular compare to others, professions like Doctor, Engineer, CA, and secure jobs like civil services, govt services, top management services etc. All these are examples of hot traditional vocations. What are the similarities or advantages of these occupations? All these come with big degrees and gives you secure financial life, and disadvantages are all these make and give you barren, uncreative, boring and monotonous life, if this is not your dream vocation.

Why do majority people choose traditional vocation? Here are some excuses.

1) Everyone wants secure financial life.
2) My friends & everyone do it so I…
3) My family or parents forces or wants me to do so.
4) A good occupation & degree earns you respect and admiration in the society.
5) What else one can do to earn money?
6) These are famous & accepted career options in the public view.
7) What others say if I’m not doing such profession or job?
8) What do I say if I’m not doing some regular occupation?
9) I’ve no other option except to do it.

I’m very sure that many of you might have once in your life thought in an above mentioned way. Many of you would be definitely happy with your chosen occupation, but there are many individuals who are not satisfied with their occupation also. It may possible they are not lucky enough to select their dream career or they do not have enough courage to do something different or they are scared by the society and choose a common occupation.

It is very hard to choose dream vocation in our society. Generally people do not accept or understand the new and unique career option available to the interested person. Most of the time some kind of pressure, forces a person to choose an occupation which is not s/he wanted to do. I meet many people who are not satisfied with their job or occupation but continued with their work by compromise to avoid some situation.

Sometimes I feel our society is very prejudiced. It does not give chance or encourage the person who wants to do something s/he likes to do. That’s why very few can choose their hobby or interest or liking as a career.

People also give excuse that new and unique career does not offer good monetary gains, and at the other end when someone gets success everyone gives smile and show their appreciation which nowhere seen before. Why is that so? In relation to it I would say any new career option needs hard work to make it successful, that’s why it requires lots of strengths, courage and support. Just think about one question. Why not encourage a person from the starting of his/her new & unique career?

No chicks are born flyer. They acquire flying skills from their parents and with their attempts & failure. The other side is equally true that, No birds can soar too high with their own wings.

Everyone can do regular work but to do unique work requires lots of passion, skills and guts. Very few possess this, so please give support to who wants to do something unique that s/he likes to do.

If you are a person who wants to do something different and pursue a dream vocation, keep in mind that road ahead is very difficult. You have to be ready to face or hear some negative thoughts. You may fail in your efforts. You may feel alone & confused sometimes. It may take long time to get success. Those who can do and ready for hard work and does not loose their strength and courage in middle will definitely get success in their dream vocation. A hard earned success always gives lots of energy, respect and admiration in the society.

I’ve for the very first time write a poem for those who have a dream to do something different. The poem shows my thoughts & experiences and the way I live my life. Be positive in your life to become successful and make your dream come true.

Do what you like
Live what you wish for
Enjoy success that you earn
Share your success with you love most
Love what you do, Do what you love
Be an explorer that reaches to end
Road ahead will be hazardous
But don’t loose your courage
Have a dream in you
Dream, a door to the new world
New world brings you happiness and peace
Happiness and Peace gives you strength & bravery
Strength and Bravery makes you optimistic & expressive
The thoughts which are most needed to make your dream come true
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