Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Milestone.....

My passion for Wildlife Art started when I visited ‘Royal Chitvan National Park’ in Nepal just after completion of my graduation. Before this, I visited several National Parks & sanctuaries of India, but visit to this park was special to me because it has changed the perception of my life. In everyone’s life sometimes this kind of phase comes, when a moment can change entire life.

During the elephant safari, we encountered with female rhinoceros with a calf sitting under the tree. May you feel that it was a wonderful moment for any wildlife loving person to see female rhino with a calf; it was a great as well as sad moment for me! Not because I’m not equipped with a good camera but the female rhino was not in a good condition even to protect her baby. One can easily count its ribs from a distance and calf seated very near to the mother in search for protection from the predator, but unaware about the mother’s pity condition!!!

This was a moment that changed my life, instantly I decided to start something to create awareness about protection & conservation of endangered species. A question in my mind what to do? A prompt answer; the only thing that I can do is to paint wildlife for awareness & conservation. From that day i just think about the nature & wildlife, I try my best at my level to do something for these marvellous & helpless creatures.

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