Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A beautiful walk with Susan Shimeld

Tonight whilst strolling through an ancient meadow filled with orchids and long grasses, I realised I was being watched by a female roe deer; she was a picture as her coat shone a lovely golden-red in the sunshine. I left the meadow through an old gate and realised too late that I'd disturbed a wasps nest in the hollow fence post. Feeling a sharp pain as I was stung in my hand, I closed the gate as quickly as I could with the wasps buzzing angrily around my head....I think I got off lightly. 

In the woods I saw another young roe in the distance and a few minutes later, the pain from the sting faded into insignificance as I spied a male roe in antler and crouched down quickly. He sensed I was there, and started to walk in my direction pausing only periodically to sniff the air. I couldn't believe my luck as his curiosity got the better of him. He continued to approach until he was 9 feet away, and then stood majestically as we gazed at one another in the glow of the evening sun. Realising I was no threat; he finally decided to leave and walked away with that
distinctive stiff-legged gait. Once at a safe distance he barked at me and gave me ‘what for’! I replied - and we chatted for a further 3-4 minutes :).

A super experience, and feeling extremely lucky to have had such an encounter, I continued along the track and happened to glance to my left.  To my amazement and at eye level with me, sat a Tawny Owl on a bare branch, and only 6 -7 feet away. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't believe my luck and I so wanted to stop and look, but didn't want to spook him - so I just glanced at him nonchalantly a couple of times as I strolled on by. 

Off the woodland track and onto the golf course, the walk was rounded off watching 5 super swifts performing aerial feats above the golf course lake. No camera with me... a wasp sting, but one of the best evenings walks ever. Luka enjoyed it too, and was as good as gold throughout...

About Author:
Susan Shimeld is a Professional Wildlife Artist and Natural History Illustrator. She is a keen Conservationist for the past 40 years and a Registered Bat Carer in UK. Susan's artworks reflect her love for nature and wildlife. Her amazing artworks can be seen at http://www.natureinart.com.

It is a privilege to have my good friend Susan Shimeld as our Guest Author to share her lovely experience in the wild with us. It is indeed a magical and unforgettable experience of life. To enjoy nature while being a part of it is one of the most amazing moments. There are so many creatures of different sizes and shapes around us. We just need to observe them peacefully to enjoy in our heart :).

Thank you so much Susan for sharing these beautiful moments with us. It's so inspirational to step out and enjoy nature :). Wish to enjoy many more of yours lovely nature experiences here :).

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sauntering – Feel the Peace & Freedom in your Heart

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was 19th June, 2013. It was Sauntering Day. Have you missed it? Don't worry. We have many days to enjoy Sauntering Days J.

Celebration of Day is not important but to celebrate the heart is most important thing. It can be only achieved if we forget everything about our life. All the Worries, Planning, Duties…just everything that makes you engaged in your life.

Life is hectic now days. We don't have a minute to think about anything that not keeps us busy. This is the most negative part of human behaviour that leads to a gloomy and depressing life. We sometimes thought about to go out for a walk but didn't managed to do it because of busy day and felt sad about that too as not even a failed attempt is tried to achieve it!

Sauntering is a way to achieve true peace and freedom in our life. It's not Walking or Jogging or Running or Trekking or Hiking. It's superior to all. It only needs to step out and move ahead where your heart & legs lead you…

Sauntering is done without thinking and planning. You just lost in yourself and with nature. Wandering everywhere and anywhere, while enjoying and loving flowing river, flying birds, dancing butterflies, waves of a grass, call of birds, splash of water on face and touch of the rain drops. At the times we also love flowing of hair in cool wind, Sound of dry leaves and piercing by thorn.

Just tranquility prevails on our mind and heart. It's the most relaxed, peaceful & precious moments to cherish. This is the time when we can feel the pure spirit that lives within us. It's the special moment; we can feel one with our inner self in a true and sacred way. Our world becomes easy to hold in our heart. We can communicate with ourselves very easily.

So now start sauntering and wandering to live yourself the way your heart loved it… :)

Happy Sauntering & Feel the Freedom,

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a very happy & proud Father's Day :).

A Father, who becomes Dad and later Friend in life . Who teach us to be brave and fight against all the odds in our life :).

We feel protected and relaxed under the loving roof of our father. He fulfills our every needs to live better and happy life. In return he just needs love, care & respect during his elderly age from his children.

Have beautiful day with your father and entire family to celebrate it with love :).

All best wishes,

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist

Asiatic Lion Portrait - Wildlife Art Painting Process

Dear Friends,

Good Morning :).

It's a lovely morning today. Weather is cloudy and few minutes ago rain has also started. Atmosphere is very cool  and pleasing :).

In this beautiful moments I'm so pleased to share my Painting Process of my Asiatic Lion Portrait. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I loved to paint it :). It's sometimes fun to watch Artist in action and how the painting is done :).

I also wish those who are willing to learn wildlife paintings will find this post useful and learn from this small & quick tutorial too :).

OK, No more commentary...straight to the point lol :D.

Stage 1: A Drawing of Asiatic Lion...

Drawing is heart of any painting. Whether its on paper or in mind. Its a base and foundation of beautiful painting. Here is drawing of my Lion. Simple line drawing...

Stage 2: Beginning of Painting Process...

I love to start portrait with eyes and face. A quick under painting and colours brings Lion to life. This stage is also very crucial as its emphasis on facial expression.

Stage 3: Under Painting Complete...

By following the above method, entire Lion Portrait is now filled with colours. It's important to have an eye on brush strokes and selection of colours in this stage as well.

Stage 4: Adding Fine Details and Background...

Background and Details can make or ruined the painting too!! Now Background and some details are added to the Lion Mane. It's crucial to choose perfect background according to the subject.

Stage 5: End of the Painting...

Here is the Final Painting of Asiatic Lion Portrait. By adding final fine details to the face, Lion comes alive :).

Hope you've enjoyed this small Painting Process of my Wildlife Art Works :). I'll try to add more  Painting Process / tutorials of my other artworks in coming days. Please don't forget to share your comments and feedback as well to improve my content :).

Happy Paintings,

With all best wishes,

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist

Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog with New Design & Approach...

Dear Friends,

I have recently updated my blog design to make it more user friendly and easy to communicate with you all :). It's an overhaul that will help to reach more people and will inspire me to keep it alive and active with new articles, artworks and new contents :).

Now you can enjoy and purchase my Wildlife Artworks through this Blog as well :). Please visit Art Gallery and Art on Easel sections to view my Wildlife Art :).

I would love to hear from you too. Please post your comments / feedback / suggestions to make my Wildlife Art Blog more viewer and reader friendly and keep my contents interesting :).

All best wishes,

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time to Change the Views - Support Wildlife Art

Dear Friends,

Serious Thought: I really don't understand why people purchasing ugly and sometimes thoughtless paintings at huge amount in the name of modern art / contemporary art / master artist / Investment etc. !!!??? It feels like Art Market is in hands of few Old & Famous Artists and Galleries in India!!!!

Please purchase Paintings & Photographs that are pleasing to your eyes & mind, thought provocative, gives you immense inner happiness & pleasure, Of Different Subjects & Out of the box perspective & compositions, Created by heart & soul of the Artists and Photographers...

People have to understand that Some are not just Studio Artists and Photographers. We spend hours in fieldwork & subject research & detailing to be true to subject and spend BIG money to create one piece of art & image...

Please support Wildlife Artists & Nature Photographers. There are so many talent out there but not getting good and sound exposure and market. Many are also leaving this Nature and Wildlife Field because of it and at that time I feel really very sad and sorry :((( because most of all the Wildlife Artists and Nature Photographers are also working for the Nature Conservation too...!!!

I request All the Wildlife Artists and Photographers, Please spread these words and raise your voice. Don't be just mute spectators. Do inspire people to purchase Wildlife Art & Nature Photographs. Write & Put yourself forward...

At the end, I must say, Please don't purchase fake, cheap and commercial art. These are worst enemies of Artists and Photographers. If you really want to support Artists and Photographers, please purchase directly from them and boost their spirits and true art :)).

Artist keeps the art & culture alive. This is the identity of any society. How it represents the Art...?

All best wishes,

Cheers, Rahul Parekh 
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