Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wildlife Art in INDIA

Initially I started my career as software engineer, but simultaneously I also engaged sometimes on sketching & painting when I get time from my busy job schedule. At that time I don’t know much about art communities and art market in India as well as globally. May be I’m not very serious about to take art as profession during my job days, but thinking about to become a Wildlife Artist once.

I quickly realized, a way to become wildlife artist is not so easy in India. I started to search wildlife artist in India for some sort of inspiration, but I failed to find anyone who can guide me how to go further? I decided to be my teacher. I gradually learnt from mistakes of my creations (trial & error method). I spent my first 2-3 years to understand the wildlife and the wildlife art. The progression is still continuing and will continue lifelong.

Wildlife Art is the most ignored form of art in India. Majority Indian artist do not opt wildlife as main subject. One reason could be one can’t make easy and instant money in wildlife art as this is time & money consuming as well as difficult form of art.

One can’t paint wildlife just in studio. Artist requires spending lots of days in the wild atmosphere to find and composed the subject. I personally believe wildlife art is the most expensive form of art to paint. Wildlife Artist requires to spent more money to paint one piece of art compare to other subjects. To paint each work, artist requires travelling to different wild places to find various subjects, and its quite costly affair for a young and new artist.

Moreover, in India there is no wildlife art community who encourage the form of art & the wildlife artist. Most of the people and art anthusiasts in India do not know much about a wonderful & ancient art form like Wildlife Art.

I take my Wildlife Art as a mission to make it admired by all the art enthusiasts & people of India. I know this is a very challenging task, it may possible, my mission will take several years in this process but I’m extremely confident to craft my mission successful one day. This art form is like an ocean and looks very attractive, beautiful and gorgeous from distance, but those diving into it know what’s inside and how huge it is!

If you are a wildlife art admirer and support wildlife art and the artists, please send your thoughts and comments about wildlife art. It will be very helpful for me to craft my mission.

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  1. Hello Rahul Parekh... i heard about your works from Mr.Apana. Its good to hear about you, would like to see enlarged versions of your works sometime. On your website, am not able to look at the bigger pictures.
    I am Sangeetha from Bangalore, a wildlife artist myself. You can take a peek into some of my works on my blog. Will write to you more later..
    Its nice to know about your leap from IT to wildlife Art ! A bold decision. Wishing you all the best in following your dream! :)


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