Friday, December 12, 2008

'Save the Birds'

Dear Bird Lovers,

The kite festival is coming and we should get ready to save some precious life. I called this event as 'Festival of Massacare'. 'People enjoy & Bird perils'. This is certainly being stopped. Many avian lives comes into danger zone during December & January months. Many birds died during these months because of very sharp & fatal glass coated strings (Manja).

Please those who are reading this message and who loves wildlife art too, please take an oath that 'We will never fly a single kite in our life to save our precious bird life & natural world.' Please show your respect & love towards the nature. This is certainly very important duty to fulfil. Please also spread this awareness message to your friends, relatives & all the people.

Ahmedabad is considered as hub of the 'Kite flying festival' and my friend Vipul Ramanuj is doing excellent job to save our flying beauties in Ahmedabad. Please visit his blog to more information about this and to view images of some birds in peril at Please support in this humble activity to save the birds.

Contact No. of Vipul Ramanuj is 98257 14841. Please contact him at this number for any help needed in Ahmedabad to save the birds.



  1. you have rightly named it the 'Festival of massacre'. totally agree with your views. you have a wonderful blog and amazing artworks! keep it up pal!

  2. Thats a nicd post.. I never thought of that, am sure niether did the thought cross peoples mind that flying kites is threatning to birds..

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  3. Good work...!! Its rare to come across an entire blog dedicated for wild life...

    Keep us posting...

  4. Thank you so much Amol for your lovely words of encouragements. Yes, i'll soon post new articles. I'm bit late this time, sorry :)

    All best wishes,

    Cheers, Rahul

  5. hello rahul, keep updating. are the kites without sharp glass coatings safe? could that be an alternative?

  6. I'm sorry for the belated reply. Actually here in India People love fighter kites, and for it Glass coated string is must :(

    Normal string also fatal for the birds too as in the air string will become to strong enough to damage the wings and legs...

    Only option is to quit kite flying...

  7. Hi Rahul, You are doing a grt job .I am also very helpful to animals but with the ever growing killings of tigers,lions,leapords etc I think there is no hope for them in India. It is people like you who make the difference.Fe months back I joined a community on orkut called as "save the tiger". But no one was discussing anything or posting any news about animals or tigers over there. So I thought of to post some of the latest news in that community. But there was no reply to those posts and from that I came to know that how much people care about animals in India.

    here is the link of the community where I posted these three posts about :
    1)No tigers found in Panna
    2)4 leapord cubs died
    3)A Black Bear killed by villagers

    Keep doing this great work you are doing and I will do what ever I can in spreading the awareness .
    I am always there for any knidaa help you want or any suggestion you wanna give me.May you live for 200 years or may be more and keep helping these innocent animals who dont even know for what they are being killed for.

  8. Thank you Manpreet for you kind words. I really appreciate your concerns for our wildlife and nature.

    Nature required people like you too. You are doing wonderful job by creating awareness, but sad to know that you are not getting response from the viewers.

    You please become a member at Here you will find very active group of wildlife lovers who are very aware about wildlife conservation and many other related issues.

    Hope this helps. Have a beautiful life... :)

    Take care,

    Cheers, Rahul


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