Monday, April 7, 2008

The Kat & The Kitty

It was an early morning when I’m getting ready for a morning walk. I heard a very soft me…aaw sound. I looked around but didn’t find the cat, again I heard the same me…aaw sound and this time I found it in the corner behind the flowerpot.

I looked at her. The face was familiar. She often comes to my home in search of food, but this time she looked tensed and worried. I thought she will move away quickly but, she didn’t, then I leave her alone and….

I went for a walk. When I returned home she was still there. I thought this is a strange behaviour. I observed carefully around and I found a cute kitty behind her. I felt very happy that she had chosen my home as safe shelter for her kitten and brought a new life to my home.
She was protecting & loves her kitten with sheer dedication. After all MOTHER is the greatest creation of the nature. I seated near her with keeping some distance for two - three hours, and when she felt relaxed, she came out from the corner and looked at me with some trust. Then I gave her milk to drink. Now she had put full trust on me and leaves her kitten alone for a while and the kitten also playing freely around.
After some time she feed the kitty and looked at me and said me…aaw for a while and leave her kitten alone with me. This was a very great feeling for me that an animal put complete trust on me with the intention that I will take care and will not harm her little.

By the time the kitty became sleeping kitty. After 20-25 minutes she returned and called her kitten but kitten didn’t waken up. She lay down for while and waited for the kitty to awake, then again she went out for 15-20 minutes. When she returned the kitten was awake and she taken the kitty with her to the new shelter.

This was a very fine morning for me. For almost six hours the cat and the kitty made my home as their home. I’ll never forget this experience in my life.

So, whenever someone makes your home as their home, please don’t mind it. You’ll get lots of happiness by treating them well.


  1. Hey something similar happened at my place a few months ago! This little birdie fell off from her nest I think, or perhaps some other creature attacked her -- don't know what exactly took place. But she somehow stumbled into our balcony and then quickly hopped inside the house. Took refuge under my Dad's bed for like half the day!

    We tried to coax her out, but she wouldn't budge. So we left her there. Later in the evening, I was sorting through the fresh laundry beside Dad's bed... folding clothes as I stood there. She suddenly walked out from under the bed very slowly, paused when she was about halfway to the balcony door, turned around and looked at me... and I could swear she said "Thank you!"... and then moved out into the balcony! Stayed there in one corner for quite a long time after that. I guess she was measuring up her strength to take flight again. And then she flew off... only to take shelter on the ledge outside our kitchen window this time! Probably, she still felt too weak to fly a longer distance. I don't know when she left the ledge... she was still sitting there when we went off to sleep!

  2. Thank you so much 'K'. Your real story is really lovely :). wish little birdie now become an adult and may increase her tribe too...God Bless...

  3. Lovely post. What you say is very true.. When someone wants to share our home, it really brings immense pleasure.
    A bunch of stray dogs once started visiting our hosue frequently.. they usually slept under the shady neem tree outside. Their eyes were red and initially we were afraid that they were fierce. But as days went by, we realised they meant no harm. So we started keeping a plate below the tree for biscuits and rice. They slowly started eating and now one of the five dogs has given birth to 5 cutie puppies. The remaining adult dogs let the puppies play around and they sit guard around them. It is a joy to watch the adult dogs guarding and guiding the pups. We now spend time every morning watching them and feeding them. It is a sweet experience.

  4. I really admire animal lovers ... I feel that these animals also want to trust us but it is just bcoz of few of us that they cant even take risk and put their life in danger by trusting humans. So to maintain a distance is always gud for these animals bcoz not everyone is like Rahul and even me .


  5. one thing for sure...of all the cats in the world....grey cats are the most handsome of all...


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