Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sauntering – Feel the Peace & Freedom in your Heart

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was 19th June, 2013. It was Sauntering Day. Have you missed it? Don't worry. We have many days to enjoy Sauntering Days J.

Celebration of Day is not important but to celebrate the heart is most important thing. It can be only achieved if we forget everything about our life. All the Worries, Planning, Duties…just everything that makes you engaged in your life.

Life is hectic now days. We don't have a minute to think about anything that not keeps us busy. This is the most negative part of human behaviour that leads to a gloomy and depressing life. We sometimes thought about to go out for a walk but didn't managed to do it because of busy day and felt sad about that too as not even a failed attempt is tried to achieve it!

Sauntering is a way to achieve true peace and freedom in our life. It's not Walking or Jogging or Running or Trekking or Hiking. It's superior to all. It only needs to step out and move ahead where your heart & legs lead you…

Sauntering is done without thinking and planning. You just lost in yourself and with nature. Wandering everywhere and anywhere, while enjoying and loving flowing river, flying birds, dancing butterflies, waves of a grass, call of birds, splash of water on face and touch of the rain drops. At the times we also love flowing of hair in cool wind, Sound of dry leaves and piercing by thorn.

Just tranquility prevails on our mind and heart. It's the most relaxed, peaceful & precious moments to cherish. This is the time when we can feel the pure spirit that lives within us. It's the special moment; we can feel one with our inner self in a true and sacred way. Our world becomes easy to hold in our heart. We can communicate with ourselves very easily.

So now start sauntering and wandering to live yourself the way your heart loved it… :)

Happy Sauntering & Feel the Freedom,

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist

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