Sunday, June 16, 2013

Asiatic Lion Portrait - Wildlife Art Painting Process

Dear Friends,

Good Morning :).

It's a lovely morning today. Weather is cloudy and few minutes ago rain has also started. Atmosphere is very cool  and pleasing :).

In this beautiful moments I'm so pleased to share my Painting Process of my Asiatic Lion Portrait. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I loved to paint it :). It's sometimes fun to watch Artist in action and how the painting is done :).

I also wish those who are willing to learn wildlife paintings will find this post useful and learn from this small & quick tutorial too :).

OK, No more commentary...straight to the point lol :D.

Stage 1: A Drawing of Asiatic Lion...

Drawing is heart of any painting. Whether its on paper or in mind. Its a base and foundation of beautiful painting. Here is drawing of my Lion. Simple line drawing...

Stage 2: Beginning of Painting Process...

I love to start portrait with eyes and face. A quick under painting and colours brings Lion to life. This stage is also very crucial as its emphasis on facial expression.

Stage 3: Under Painting Complete...

By following the above method, entire Lion Portrait is now filled with colours. It's important to have an eye on brush strokes and selection of colours in this stage as well.

Stage 4: Adding Fine Details and Background...

Background and Details can make or ruined the painting too!! Now Background and some details are added to the Lion Mane. It's crucial to choose perfect background according to the subject.

Stage 5: End of the Painting...

Here is the Final Painting of Asiatic Lion Portrait. By adding final fine details to the face, Lion comes alive :).

Hope you've enjoyed this small Painting Process of my Wildlife Art Works :). I'll try to add more  Painting Process / tutorials of my other artworks in coming days. Please don't forget to share your comments and feedback as well to improve my content :).

Happy Paintings,

With all best wishes,

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh
Nature & Wildlife Artist

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