Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A beautiful walk with Susan Shimeld

Tonight whilst strolling through an ancient meadow filled with orchids and long grasses, I realised I was being watched by a female roe deer; she was a picture as her coat shone a lovely golden-red in the sunshine. I left the meadow through an old gate and realised too late that I'd disturbed a wasps nest in the hollow fence post. Feeling a sharp pain as I was stung in my hand, I closed the gate as quickly as I could with the wasps buzzing angrily around my head....I think I got off lightly. 

In the woods I saw another young roe in the distance and a few minutes later, the pain from the sting faded into insignificance as I spied a male roe in antler and crouched down quickly. He sensed I was there, and started to walk in my direction pausing only periodically to sniff the air. I couldn't believe my luck as his curiosity got the better of him. He continued to approach until he was 9 feet away, and then stood majestically as we gazed at one another in the glow of the evening sun. Realising I was no threat; he finally decided to leave and walked away with that
distinctive stiff-legged gait. Once at a safe distance he barked at me and gave me ‘what for’! I replied - and we chatted for a further 3-4 minutes :).

A super experience, and feeling extremely lucky to have had such an encounter, I continued along the track and happened to glance to my left.  To my amazement and at eye level with me, sat a Tawny Owl on a bare branch, and only 6 -7 feet away. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't believe my luck and I so wanted to stop and look, but didn't want to spook him - so I just glanced at him nonchalantly a couple of times as I strolled on by. 

Off the woodland track and onto the golf course, the walk was rounded off watching 5 super swifts performing aerial feats above the golf course lake. No camera with me... a wasp sting, but one of the best evenings walks ever. Luka enjoyed it too, and was as good as gold throughout...

About Author:
Susan Shimeld is a Professional Wildlife Artist and Natural History Illustrator. She is a keen Conservationist for the past 40 years and a Registered Bat Carer in UK. Susan's artworks reflect her love for nature and wildlife. Her amazing artworks can be seen at http://www.natureinart.com.

It is a privilege to have my good friend Susan Shimeld as our Guest Author to share her lovely experience in the wild with us. It is indeed a magical and unforgettable experience of life. To enjoy nature while being a part of it is one of the most amazing moments. There are so many creatures of different sizes and shapes around us. We just need to observe them peacefully to enjoy in our heart :).

Thank you so much Susan for sharing these beautiful moments with us. It's so inspirational to step out and enjoy nature :). Wish to enjoy many more of yours lovely nature experiences here :).

Sincerely, Rahul Parekh

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