Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hot Summer, sums up...

Indeed Summer is the most difficult season to cope with..!!! Everything is dry & burned. Life becomes fragile & frail. Mere glimpse of mirage can bring hope of new life...

In such hard & harsh conditions, when I see tiny insect live its little life with full glory, I bow to power and wonder of mother nature.

It's not about just to survival but to live against the odds. There is no option to complain in Nature. In this way we feel lucky to speak against & about odds that affects our life ;-), but most important thing is, is it worth doing this?

People mainly associate Summer with WATER as it brings drought, but they forget that Summer is the season that brings happiness in Monsoon :o). but it also remind us to SAVE WATER for our difficult times ;-)

We cannot walk bare foot during summer, We need shoes! Why? is it not because soil is very hot but it teach us to be on ground to feel the soil :-).

Wind in the Mist and Heatwave both are opposite to each other but both let us know the difference between good & bad.

Temperature will rise in coming month but this will give chance to learn so much from Summer Season...

Now time to enjoy, Happy Summer to all :o)))

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