Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Art, Culture & Nature...Poor INDIA

Dear Friends,

When I'm reading about our ancient history I really feel proud for our glorious past. Knowledgeable ancient scriptures, monuments, temples, culture, art and nature all are so beautiful and admirable...

As you all know our life style is so changed and we are mimicking other world without thinking much about to preserve our ancient heritage, culture and art. I really feel sad and sorry that we become blind and don't see what is good and bad for our life.

When we try to live like other cultures than we lost ourselves!!! I'm not saying its bad thing to adopt modern life style but when we are adopting other's life style than why we forget to see in our own soul that is so precious…

We all try to live rich and famous life of wealthy countries but in our own country we lost what we have. I'm deeply feeling that we have lost our beautiful Culture and Art in our recent progress. People of India now only think about money and becoming greedy by each and everyday and this makes life so difficult to live and enjoy…

None has time to think about to live peaceful life and to appreciate our own Culture, Art & Beautiful Nature. We have lost our Culture, We have lost our Art, Now we are ready to lost our Nature too!!!!

When we will open our eyes and be free from blindness? I'm afraid when we will open our eyes we'll be the poor people on the world and the picture in front of our eyes will not be the beautiful and pleasing…
Please be return and appreciate our Culture, Art and Nature. This is the real treasure. If we will save them they will save us and give beautiful life to live.

Art is the mirror of any culture. We can identify the importance and significance of culture from their Art. I'm really feeling happy when I see European and other western countries that they have preserve their Art so well. I'm sorry to say we've lost our True Art somewhere so as our Culture too. Now, Its time to revive it. Please try to save Our Art, Culture and Nature.

Our INDIA is really Poor, unless we regain our ancient pride…

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